Website design & development

When it comes to website design, our goal is to create a website that is practical, responsive and appealing. we cater to any needs, whether you are looking to start a blog or want to start a fully functional e-commerce store, we have a solution for you.

Our Web Design & Development Process

In our high level project management, our websites now follow a consistent 7 phase process, with the same steps and standard communication. As you use our web development services, you will get used to this process and enjoy its flow.

The steps in the processes are:

• Phase 1 – Analysis:
Website Purpose, Website Goals, Target Audience

• Phase 2 – Planning:
Sitemap, Website Structure, Technologies used

• Phase 3 – Design:
Wireframe Models, Visual Style, Usability, UI, UX

• Phase 4 – Content:
Copywriting, Photos & Videos, Search Engine Optimization

• Phase 5 – Development:
HTML, CSS Coding & WordPress, Databases, Responsive Designs

• Phase 6 – Testing:
Technical Testin, Browser Compatibility, “Does it fulfill its purpose?”

• Phase 7 – Deployment:
Monitoring, Bug Fixes, Maintenance


Your website is not just some random page on the web. Your website represents your business and therefor must look the part. Your website not only needs to be practical but needs to inspire & create a long lasting effect. Let our team of designers come up with something special for you

user friendly

Most of our websites are built using the world famous WordPress platform, making it super easy for you (our clients) to login and update the websites at any time and ensuring you can maintain your websites yourself. We are however always available to lend a helping hand.


Our team consists of specialist from all walks of life. From developers to designers. Marketing gurus to SEO experts. We can assure you that you will always have a dedicated team of professionals in your corner.

pricing guidelines

Web Design & developement

Blog Page

Basic (3 – 5 Pages)
R 5,350

Medium (6 – 10 Pages)
R 8,360

Advanced (11 – 15 Pages)

R21 000


Blog Page

Basic (3 – 5 Pages)
R 3,500

Medium (6 – 10 Pages)
R 4,000

Advanced (11 – 15 Pages)
R 6,000

R14 000


Basic WordPress Maintenance
R750 p/m

Advanced WordPress Maintenance
R1250 p/m

Premier WordPress Maintenance
R1500 p/m

Daily Backups
R350 p/m

Uptime Monitoring
R350 p/m

Security Monitoring
R350 p/m

*Please note that all pricing are estimations and should only be used as a basic guide and should not be considered final. All projects must be discussed beforehand to ensure accurate quote can be given. 

Web Security

It is a common misconception that once you have a site your done. Traffic starts flowing and orders starts rolling in. Unfortunately it’s not that simple, there are some things you still need to take in concentration. Web Security for one. Does your site offer safety for you visitors? Are you protected against hackers or viruses? Head over to our Security section and have a look at what we have to offer or get in touch. We would love to help you secure your site!

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