there is a lot that can be done to improve on a existing site.
making a tweak here, changing and editing there, and your site loads faster than before. Isn't that great?
Having a site also means continues work as there will always be room for improvement.

Site Speed Improvements

Often websites are delivered to clients with slow loading speeds and this is common where popular CMSs are used for building a website.

Websites with slow loading speeds create a poor user experience for the visitors and It is also affect your SEO negatively. The faster the loading speed the better the experience for your visitors and most importantly the better the SEO will work.

This service is simply to implement Google’s recommended changes to a website so we can help it load faster for users visiting it.

We will provide a report at the start and at the end of the project showing Google’s measurement of the improvements in the loading speed of the website.

On Page Error Fixing

We identify and fix issues on your website by looking at Google for Meta, Visibility, Content, Linking and Images so that your page gets ranked better. Some of the issues we look at are

Meta Issues:

  • Duplicate page titles
  • Missing a meta description
  • Page titles that are too short or too long
  • Meta descriptions that are too short or too long
  • Missing page titles
  • Meta descriptions that are considered duplicates

Visibility Issues:

  • Redirects not compatible with Google
  • Robot Blocking
  • 404 Errors

Linking Issues:

  • Internal links are missing anchor or ALT text
  • External links are missing anchor or ALT text
  • Internal links are broken
  • External links are broken

Images Issues:

  • Missing ALT text
  • Missing title text
  • Broken Images

Content Issues:

  • Pages with content with a low word count
  • Duplicate content issues

*Note: No content creation is included in this package so we will highlight pages with content issues and will need content from you to fix them. 


Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage from any external source. So when any site links back to your site, we call that a backlink. A page with a lot of quality backlinks tend to rank higher on all major search engines. Some of the packages we provide are

10 Backlinks Package

  • 7 Local Business Directories
  • 1 Web 2 Property
  • 1 Guest Post
  • 1 Social Bookmark

20 Backlinks Package

  • 15 Local Business Directories
  • 2 Web 2 Properties
  • 1 Guest Post
  • 2 Social Bookmarks

30 Backlinks Package

  • 20 Local Business Directories
  • 2 Web 2 Properties
  • 2 Guest Posts
  • 1 Article Submission
  • 5 Social Bookmarks

50 Backlinks Package

  • 30 Local Business Directories
  • 5 Niche Directories
  • 2 Web 2 Properties
  • 2 Guest Posts
  • 3 Article Submission
  • 10 Social Bookmark

100 Backlinks Package

  • 50 Local Business Directories
  • 10 Niche Directories
  • 20 Social Bookmarks
  • 3 Web 2 Properties
  • 3 Guest Posts
  • 4 Articles Submission
  • 10 Social Shares

*Note: Backlinks are included in our full SEO services and are not required as separate purchases.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation service aims to analyse website behaviour and then make recommendations to improve the website’s ability to achieve its goals

Typical goals are:

  • Converting traffic to leads
  • Increasing sales
  • Getting More signups
  • Having inquiries

This is a 6 month process:

Most of the heavy lifting and time intensive work is done in the first 3 months. This includes the setup of the process, analysis, recommendations, implementation of recommendations (this is an additional cost), testing changes, final implementation and reporting of results. During months 4 – 6 of the process, we continue to monitor the results of the implemented changes in an effort to better understand the traffic behavior following the changes made and at the end of this analysis and reporting period we give a final report detailing the improvements made over the initial benchmark as well as a list of new potential improvements for the website.


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